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Crete's European Market

European Market - General Vendor Information

Booth Set Up

EZ Up Canopies measuring 10' x 10' are encouraged. "Staking" or otherwise disturbing the pavement to secure your tent is not permitted. Vendors may set up as early as 6:00 AM Saturday morning but must be complete by 7:30 AM. For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed in the booth area after 7:30 AM. A limited number of booths with electric will be available.

This is a juried Market. Vendors will be required to provide photos of their products before final approval is granted. Quality and appropriateness will be the factors used by the steering committee to determine vendor eligibility. The committee will allow a limited number of same type vendors; this is to eliminate undesired duplication.

Acceptable art products:
  •   Weaving
  •   Pottery
  •   Carvings
  •   Sculpture
  •   Woodwork
  •   Painting
  •   Drawing
  •   Other Forms of Illustration
  •   Floral Arrangements*
* All components must be grown by the vendor
Unacceptable art products: "Kit" or "Assembly Line" craft projects



18' X 20' Booth rental for all vendors will be $25.00 weekly. A small booth, 10' X 10' is available at $15.00 per week. Vendors may rent more space at an additional cost. The weekly fee is payable to Crete's European Market one week in advance to reserve a spot. There will be no refund for weeks missed. If you pay by check, it should be made payable to Crete's European Market. Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 NSF fee. Checks will only be accepted for prepayment of a booth space. Vendors that pay on the day they arrive must be by cash or money order and do accept the risk of booth space not being available.

Season Vendor

To qualify as a Season Vendor, the vendor must pay for the entire season according to the following terms. Season Vendors who pay by the designated dates, will qualify for a special discount of 33%, and may request a specific booth location (pending availability). A deposit of 50% is due by April 18, with the remainder due before August 18,. European Market organizers reserve the right to reassign booth space if Market layout changes due to increased vendor participation or any other unforeseen reason. Season Vendors will be consulted. Vendors requiring electricity are limited to specific areas. Vendors requiring their vehicle in the booth will need to purchase enough spaces to accommodate the size that vehicle requires.

Part-time Vendor

A Part-Time Vendor is a vendor who chooses to pay for a booth weekly, no discounts will apply to part-time vendors. This part-time status remains even if the vendor attends every Saturday all season. A vendor who does this will be referred to as a Part-Time Regular Vendor.

Booth Space Reservations

Vendors may reserve a specific space in the Market by paying for the season in advance. This pre-paid status is referred to as "Season Vendor" and is the only way to reserve a specific space. The Market organizers reserve the right to change all vendor locations if necessary. Requests to be in available remaining spaces may be made in writing to Market organizers and organizers will do their best to accommodate preferences.


No selling shall begin before 8:00 am, the official time the Market opens. Vendors are required to stay until closing. Vendors who sell-out early should post a sign letting customers know they have sold-out and should not leave their vehicles and possessions unattended. Vendors will be loaded up and vacate the site no later than one hour after the Market is closed. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Market manager. Market is open rain or shine, in case of severe weather; all final decisions are made by the Market manager in regards to set-up and tear-down. If you are unable to make the Market as scheduled, please call Brett at 708-271-5387.


All vendors will post a sign identifying the name of the farm/business represented and where it is located. Signs should not be smaller than 24" wide by 8" high, but may not obstruct the view of another vendor's booth or wares. Vendors must have their signs displayed before sales begin. Failure to have a sign will result in a first offense warning. The second offense will result in a $10 fine.

Price Signage

Produce and other allowable Market products should be clearly marked with their price. This can be done by individually tagging each item with a sign or by listing all produce and prices on a large sign or blackboard.

Selling Space

The vendor sales area (where your produce is marketed) must not extend beyond the allotted boundaries of the stall space.

Vendor Vehicles and Loading/Unloading

Vendor booths and/or vehicles must not extend beyond allotted booth space. Most of the Market stall spaces have been designed with on-site vendor vehicles in mind (that are not larger than the space of the booth). Your vehicle must be parked off-site in vendor designated areas.

Booth Clean Up

Vendors are required to maintain their individual selling space in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner, including protecting the pavement from drips from any part of the vendor's vehicle. Each vendor is responsible for keeping his/her booth space clean during the Market and for complete clean up of his or her space at the close of the Market. Including providing customers with a secure receptacle to dispose of disposable wares generated from your booth. This includes hauling away any trash or garbage that is generated in or around the booth and sweeping up any product debris left on the ground. Farmers are not permitted to dispose of produce waste, overripe or leftover produce or boxes in any on-site garbage cans or dumpsters. Trash, debris and leftover produce removal by management will result in a cleaning charge to the vendor. Any such cleaning charge must be paid prior to the next market date or the vendor will not be allowed to set up space and prepaid fees will be forfeited.


Vendors and their representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner at the Market. Any language or behavior considered deleterious to the normal operation of the Market will be grounds for denial of the vendor's contract. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance while at the Market is prohibited. Any participating Market vendor or representative who is under the influence while at the Market will be immediately expelled from the Market.


Hawking (calling attention to your products in a loud, repetitive, public manner) during the Market day is discouraged and may be limited or prohibited by the Market manager.

Vendor Dress

Vendors are required to wear shirts and shoes at their booths during the Market hours.

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the vendor sale areas.


Retail sales taxes and Business and Occupation taxes are the responsibility of the individual vendor.

Permits and Licenses

All vendors shall carry the applicable permits and licenses necessary to the sale of their products. These may include an Illinois State tax number (or the state they are from), Nursery License, Food Processors License, Certification for Organically Grown Produce, or Pesticide Applicator's License.


Due to the dangers of other exhibitors setting up & dismantling, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent when not in their booth.

Processed Foods

Processed foods must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a Food Processor. These foods include dried fruits, herbs, teas, baked goods, cider, preserves, salsas, and salad dressings. Other Will County Health Department requirements apply.

Vendor Contributions

Vendors may be asked, by a representative of the market, to contribute product to the Market promotional and educational events such as chef's demos, produce tastings and special events. Please consider that the local food bank is the best resource for distributing your unsold product to the local community in need.


If a vendor has a dispute with either another vendor or the European Market Board of Directors, they can have their problems heard at the regularly scheduled meetings.
Indemnification Clause

Vendor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Village of Crete, Crete Township, Crete United Methodist Church, Crete Area Chamber of Commerce and their officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all demands, claims, and damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or caused by the above groups or its attendees' actions, omissions, negligence or willful misconduct.

Remit completed form and payment to:
Carol Millsap - Euro Director
Crete's European Market
1420 Douglas Lane
Crete, IL 60417

Vendor Application & Guidelines

Will County Health Department Application

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